Naperville CPA Financial Planner Advises CPAs About Retirement Planning for Early and Mid-Career Clients

In the Spring, 2011 issue of INSIGHT, the magazine of the Illinois CPA Society, Mark J. Gilbert, CPA/PFS and principal of Reason Financial Advisors, Inc. contributed a column entitled “Fortune Hunting: A Look at the Unique Needs of 30-50 Year Olds Planning for Retirement.” Gilbert advised CPAs to discuss with these clients, whom he called “retirement fund accumulators,” the need to “prudently plan, save and invest for retirement.” He identified several tangible ideas that CPA advisors could share with their clients to make retirement planning a reality in areas such as budgeting, understanding how much to save, automatically setting aside funds in IRAs and company-sponsored retirement plans, reducing debt, and investing for retirement.

The column is the first in a series to be written by Gilbert during 2011 for INSIGHT on how CPAs can help clients at every stage of their lives in planning for a financially secure retirement. The column began in 2010 and Gilbert wrote six articles that year on advising clients about retirement.

Gilbert and Reason Financial Advisors, Inc. provide comprehensive financial planning services, including discretionary portfolio management, to middle market and high net worth clients from offices in Naperville and Northbrook.