Retirement Planning

Have you thought about where you’ll get your income when you retire? Sure, you’ll have social security and perhaps a pension. But will that be enough retirement income to support you when you no longer get a regular paycheck? Will you have enough in reserve to meet unexpected or unplanned emergencies? Will you need to supplement your income with part-time employment? What will happen to your quality of life?

It’s never too early, or too late—even if you have already retired—for retirement planning. Retirement planning and professional money management are keys to realizing the life that you want, one that is comfortable, secure and rewarding.

To illustrate: Say that interest rates remain near zero as they have been for some time. Bonds, savings accounts and treasury notes probably will not generate the kind of income that you’ll need. Should you switch your savings into riskier stocks that might have a better return? What’s the proper balance between equities and bonds for someone your age? What should you do if or when the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates?

If you already are retired, what’s your safest option? Can you protect your investments while still generating enough income to maintain your desired life-style? Do you have someone who can be trusted to give you informed and intelligent financial advice?

The importance of professional money management can’t be overstated when it comes to your retirement. That’s why Reason Financial Advisors offers you a full suite of retirement services, from planning for retirement that is decades away or for a retirement that you’ve already started.

Patrick L. Doland

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