Northbrook CPA Financial Adviser Quoted in US News & World Report Article A Guide to Financial Advisor Fee Structures

Mark J. Gilbert, CPA/PFS a principal of Reason Financial Advisors, Inc. was interviewed by writer Joanne Cleaver for her February 18, 2014 US News & World Report article entitled “A Guide to Financial Advisor Fee Structures.” The writer sought to explain the sometimes confusing variety of ways in which “financial advisors” are paid by their clients. Her contention is that when consumers better understand the different compensation models, they can make better choices about which advisors may be right for them. Gilbert explained that advisors are subject to either a “suitability” standard of care or a “fiduciary” standard of care in delivering their services to clients, which directly impacts affects the way in which an advisor is compensated.

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This is the second recent article for which Ms. Cleaver has interviewed Gilbert. In a US News & World Report article published November 14, 2013 entitled “5 Things You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor,” Gilbert discussed some basic questions that any financial advisor should be pleased to answer to a prospective client in an initial, no-cost, get-to-know-you meeting. The article is found at

Gilbert and Reason Financial Advisors, Inc. provide comprehensive financial planning services, including discretionary portfolio management, to middle market and high net worth clients from offices in Naperville and Northbrook.