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Feb 2014

Northbrook CPA Financial Adviser Quoted in US News & World Report Article A Guide to Financial Advisor Fee Structures

Mark J. Gilbert, CPA/PFS a principal of Reason Financial Advisors, Inc. was interviewed by writer Joanne Cleaver for her February 18, 2014 US News & World Report article entitled A Guide to Financial Advisor Fee Structures. The writer sought to explain the sometimes confusing variety of ways in which “financial advisors” are paid by their clients.


Sep 2008

Reader Pouring 70% of Her Paycheck Into 2 Mortgages

If you're behind in your mortgage payments, I'd suggest you speak with your current lender to try to identify an option that is agreeable to both of you. If your mortgage is current, I'd suggest you talk with a Realtor to determine how long it might take to sell and what you could expect to receive in this soft market. --Doland


Jan 2008

Financial Experts Say It’s No Time To Panic

DOLAND. The real question is whether most of the damage has been done or not. It's like trying to catch a falling knife. You're either very talented or extremely lucky when you try to time the market. You have to know the right time when to sell and the right time when to buy. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

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