Mar 2003

Solving Your Medical Claims Headaches

Barbara S. Winer, the founder of Claims Recovery Services of Highland Park, will be the guest this month on the cable access show Financial Solutions


Feb 2003

CLTV Provides Advice on Selecting a Life Insurance Company

Okay, you've decided to purchase a life insurance policy. Now what? Bill Moller, host of the CLTV financial news show Your Money, suggested viewers" don't wait for somebody to try to sell you some company's policy... you do a little research and pick the company yourself".


May 2001

How to Shop For Long Term Care Insurance

Gordon will discuss long term care insurance and provide useful information to viewers on what it is, who should own it, how to select coverage and the typical costs.


Oct 1999

Northfield Agent Explains the ABC’s of Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a confusing and misunderstood product, but we as intelligent consumers can use it to better our lives. To guide us through this financial maze will be insurance specialist Barry L. Finkelstein who resides in Highland Park and practices out of his office in Northfield.


Aug 1999

What You Should Know About Long Term Care Insurance

As a visionary in the long term care insurance field, Gordon was instrumental in initiating group discounts for LTC plans as well as the "waiver of premium" feature, a vital benefit today in all LTC policies.